Monday, December 16, 2019

Riverfront Meeting Date Changed from Dec 17 to Dec 19


Notice was issued today that the Riverfront Board Meeting scheduled for Dec 17 at 1pm is rescheduled for Thursday Dec 19 at 1pm. Same location the Ivy Media Room on the 10th floor.

We know many owners are upset for two reasons:

  1. The majority board (Mint rep, Wind rep and Developer) refuses to hold a meeting in the evening when more unit owners are available
  2. This change comes at the heels of the holidays when many owners are leaving and can not attend

Several unit owners have emailed the Riverfront Master Manager, Allan Yepez with their discontent.
Keep sharing your concerns/complaints to the manager by emailing him

And ask him to share it with the board so the board is aware of the growing concerns.

Why this is important: It's about the 35% Maintenance Increase!!

On Nov 26 The Board of Directors for the Riverfront Master Association passed a budget with increases in maintenance of approximately 35% without any board discussion. Unit owners are against this and taking steps to address this serious problem and remedy it or prevent it from happening again. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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