Sunday, April 19, 2020

Legal Demand letter to Riverfront Master Association regarding Marina

To all owners of the Riverfront Condos of Miami, by clicking this link you can obtain a copy of the Demand letter by the Ivy Association addressed to the Riverfront Master Association regarding breach of contract and fiduciary duty by the following individuals:

Shahab Karmely, developer of KAR properties
Troy Taylor, President of the Master Association and the Mint Association
Maria Elena Negrin, Board member of the Master Association  & President of the Wind Association
Allan Yepez, Manager of the Riverfront Master Association and employee of First Service Residential

The letter was sent March 19, 2020.

Response was not received until May 31, 2020. This is against Florida statutes which require a response within 30 days. 

Our community is run by individuals who are in clear violation of our governing documents and have no regard for bylaws. Ironically the amendments regarding the marina were drafted with the input and blessing of Mr. Karmely and Mr. Taylor.

Our community is in need of change.  
Pursuing the legal route is one option but not the only option.
Owners will not tolerate this blatant abuse of power by these 4 individuals using our investment monies to serve their self interests. Owners are fighting back!

It is time for new leadership!

The Mint elections are May 28, 2020.  Mint owners, please visit for important election information.

The Wind elections are in December 2020.

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