Thursday, March 26, 2020

Marina Lease-Troy Taylor

The link below is to download a copy of the Marina lease between the Riverfront Master Association and Troy Taylor, President of the Master Association and Mint Association


1. There is no expiration date. It is an evergreen contract
2. Lease is for $1,200 a year, not month
3. Marina slip only be sublicensed to a Member of the Association, in other words only residents of the Riverfront Condos can use the marina, no outsiders

Now if you also examine this lease with the 2nd Amendment  one can easily connect the dots to see that there are clear violations of Florida Law and Master Association ByLaws with regards to current marina situation.

1. Sublicenses (the agreement between Troy Taylor and current yacht owners) were never approved by the board
2.  All yachts are owned by nonmembers of the Association.

These are only two of many violations.

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