Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Structural Issues at the Mint

In a lawsuit settlement titled the "558 Settlement" with the prior developer, the  Mint was awarded monies to address structural defects in three areas:
  1. North roof area
  2. Delaminating stucco around the pool deck
  3. Pieces of stucco falling from the roof
Please request a copy of report prepared by Kimley-Horn, Inc. (a planning, engineering and design firm) for more information and/or a copy of the 558 Settlement.

In a board meeting Feb 12, 2019, according to the Minutes of the Meeting:
"Financial Review of Hallways Renovation Project
    • Troy Taylor explained the money for the hallway's renovation will come out of the 558 settlement, which had a balance of $500,000 and the rest will come out of reserves..."
Residents have also observed chunks of stucco falling from the roof. Why is this still occurring?

Other issues include water intrusion in some Penthouse units every time it rains. The elevators at the Mint are constantly breaking down. At one point the Mint was down to one elevator. All others were out of service.  It is known that flooding may have caused damage to the elevators. 

At the City of Miami the Mint building has a violation Case # BB2019012320. June 24, 2019

VIOLATION: Buildings or Structures that are Unsafe, Unsanitary, or Deficient, Constitute a Fire or Windstorm Hazard...

This may be viewed at

Look for icon that says iBuild Portal and create your free account.

When you have created the account, then look for "Manage Application" and in the drop down menu select  "Global Inquiry", there you should search by address "92 SW 3RD ST" or Folio # 01-4137-069-0001

Structural issues are serious issues. Shouldn't they be addressed first over aesthetics?

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