Thursday, March 26, 2020

Riverfront 2nd Amendment--Marina

Please click this link for information regarding the 2nd Amendment to the Riverfront Master directly related to the Marina.


Page 3
Section 7  4.19.1  Assignment of Exclusive Use.

The Board of Directors shall have the authority to require any licensee to assume responsibility for the electrical meter that pertains to his/her Boatslip...

Page 4
Section 7  4.19.2 Operation of Marina.

[first paragraph]
The number of boats stored at the Marina shall be limited to two for the exclusive use of residential occupants. Transitory, repetitive, daily boat trips to and from the marginal mooring area, such as visitor slips, not authorized

[paragraph (a) ]

The licensee what neither  alter, modify or construct anything on the Boatslip nor store equipment thereon without first receiving written authorization from the Board of Directors.

Recent expenditures for January 2020 ($60K) were never approved by the Board of Directors. Services related to said expenditures were requested by Troy Taylor per staff of service provider.

[paragraph (b) ]

...a Boatslip licensee shall be allowed to sublicense his or her Boatslip license to another member of the Master Association with the approval of the Board of Directors.
...Such Boatslip licensee and sublicensee shall execute a sublicense in form and content approved by the Board of Directors prior to said execution.  

1- the sublicensees are NOT members of the Association

2- the sublicenses were NOT approved by the Board of Directors 
3- Sublicense form and content were NEVER submitted to Board of Directors for approval

Page 6
Section 4.19.3 Use of the Marina.

[paragraph (b) ]

No Vessel may be used as a residence (whether temporarily or permanently) and as such no persons shall be permitted to live aboard, or stay overnight on a vessel.
1- Occupants of the vessels have shared with many residents that they are NOT residents of the association and that they do stay overnight in the vessel many occasions. This is witnessed by numerous residents particularly at the Mint Association.

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