Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Endorsement of Mint Candidates for May 28, 2020 Elections

Dear Mint Owner,

As the Mint elections are quickly approaching on May 28, 2020; we are writing to strongly endorse the attached candidates running for Mint Board under the banner ‘Mint Owners for Board Integrity’. It’s time for a change!

  •  It is imperative Mint Owners become fully informed on the complex election procedures. Your vote is critical. We need 20% voter turnout to have a valid election, otherwise the current board will remain (as it has for the last 7+ years.)  It’s time for a change!
  •  The vote is a rapidly evolving situation, and by the time you receive this letter, the voting “rules” and even candidates may again have changed!  Please check our Facebook page “Mint Owners” daily.  We will post important information there.

  • It is expected that our Mint Board members serve with respect, integrity and transparency. However, in the past several years, Mint Owners have been raising concerns regarding questionable events and the lack of response and transparency by the Mint Board.  This pattern and these concerns have extended to the Master Association as well, which affects all three buildings. (The President of the Master is also the President at the Mint). Some of the alarming concerns have been noted on a blog (with input from various owners.)
  • Recently a group of Mint Owners conducted thorough research regarding electronic voting to ensure a more reliable, efficient, convenient, and cost-effective voting process, especially considering that 70% of Mint owners reside overseas and we are in the midst of a Pandemic.  Unfortunately, even though 70 owners formally requested electronic voting, it was denied three times by the Mint board for the upcoming elections.
  • Thankfully, exceptionally well qualified Mint owners have stepped forward.  They are running together, not against each other - there are five open seats being elected for the Mint Board.  This team has committed to serve with ethics and transparency to serve all owners, not their self-interests and ensure greater community involvement. We will soon have our second "Meet the candidates” via Zoom and it will be a great opportunity to ask questions, hear from them directly and meet other Mint owners.
    • Juan  Admad
    • Robert Anderson
    • Greg Beebe
    • Zonia Caicedo
  • Lastly, and most importantly, for your vote to be valid, if your unit is owned by an LLC, a Corporation, a Partnership, or more than one (unmarried) adult, you must have a "voting certificate" on file. To ensure your vote is valid, please visit for further instructions or contact Mint Owners at

Riverfront Owners Action Group

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