Friday, May 29, 2020

MINT Condo elections a Fiasco

 The Mint Condo elections were fraught with problems: 

  • After owners conducted extensive research regarding the availability and reliability of e-voting, they reached the conclusions of its viability and requested the board to implement it. It was denied by the board of directors.
  • Management failed to accurately check records and had originally eliminated an owner from the ballot. Owner was 
  • Instructions for voting were unclear and cumbersome. 
    • Example: it was never made clear that owners could submit ballots on the day of the election
  • The Mint failed to include election for the representative to the Master Association per the bylaws. This appears to be an attempt for the current board member, Troy Taylor to remain on the board of the Master Association. This is also a clear sign that management (FSR) and the condo attorney (Siegfried Lerner) failed to guide the Mint condo in election procedures outlined in the bylaws.
  • According to the manager, there were insufficient votes to reach quorum.
  • At the annual meeting of May 28, 2020, Troy Taylor made a motion that he remain as President. Owners present demanded that board members select a new President, calling for a new leader to replace Troy Taylor.  With the pressure in the room, 3 of the board members agreed.
  • Owners, via the inspection of records process, discovered that the management failed to inspect the voting certificates. In this process it was discovered that the Treasurer, Jose Perez, is the spouse of an owner which is prohibited by an amendment of the bylaws.  Currently, Mr. Perez remains on the board. When owners inquired how can this be, the response was that the original bylaws take precedence. Outside condo attorneys stated this is not correct.
By several accounts the Mint association elections were invalid. Mint owners have the option to file charges via the DBPR within 60 days of the election, or file a lawsuit against the Mint Association. 

The management company for the Mint Association is FSR (First Service Residential). 


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