Friday, April 23, 2021

Riverfront Board Meeting Conduct Continues to Deteriorate


On April 22 at 3pm Riverfront Board Meeting took place to discuss:

To see the video please CLICK HERE

1. The adoption and appointment of a Litigation Committee requested by Troy Taylor

2. Architecture/Beautification Committee proposed by Christine Michaels

3. Budget/Finance Committee proposed by Christine Michaels.

At the onset of the meeting Christine mentioned that the owners were not properly notified. Mint manager never sent the email notification. The Riverfront Master manager Rolando Cerit (FSR) could have sent email blast as prior manager had done in the past.  Eddie Valdes indicated the Manager fulfilled the minimum requirements.

Minutes of Meeting to approve for July 16, 2020 were missing.

Minutes of Meeting to approve for December 10, 2021 were incomplete.

Troy Taylor and Shahab Karmely appointed themselves for new Litigation Committee to oversee the pending lawsuit where Troy Taylor and Shahab Karmely are the defendants. All owners that were permitted to speak raised concerns that while this may or may not be legal, it certainly was not ethical and opposed such appointment.  Other owners volunteered for the committee. Their offer to volunteer was not considered.

Christine Michaels and Maria Elena Negrin voted against the appointment of Arie Tenzer, Troy Taylor and Shahab Karmely to the Litigation Committee.

Meeting again ended abruptly after outbursts from Troy Taylor and Shahab Karmely. 

Board never discussed possibility of other committees for more owner participation.

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